Thursday, February 23, 2012

Best party of the year 2012!

Carnival in Brasil is definitely the biggest street festival in the world … for me it was one of the most amazing ones! Apart from being a hefty cultural experience, it is a very peaceful huge party with welcoming people dancing all over the city.
Congratulations for the great organization – polícia, médicos and bombeiros everywhere, aggression almost zero and no physical attacks spottet :)

Carnival in Salvador goes on and on and on for a whole week and is full of afro-latino rhythm, dancing and craziness: huge trucks on three circuits in the city have stages on top with Brazilian superstars performing and surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd cheering to the songs, men are running around as women or dressed like Mahatma Gandhi with a towel on their head as turban, blue socks, white sandals and a perfume. These ones distribute necklaces for every kiss and it’s just unimaginable how wild the city is during this week. Unable to bring this into words, I think everybody should experience Carnival in Salvador da Bahia once.

We were mingling into the masses of people, cheering towards the legendary “Chiclete com Banana” band and others, shaking the nights away, jumping into the Atlantic Ocean at three in the morning, dancing in a 10-min tropical rain, seeing the sun rise out of the sea, having Caipirinha for breakfast and starting all over again!

My idea of staying for day or so to get a taste of this big party was cancelled – I stayed 4 days!! Staying with a bunch of people from Bahia made the experience even more fun, authentic and memorable.

*muito obrigado Renato, Katharina, João, Gustavo, Lanna, Renata, Camila, Anderson alias Chocolate et al*

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