Saturday, February 11, 2012

CIGAR - a true piece of art

Today I had the grand pleasure to participate in a personal cigar degustation that our chief connaisseur offered me in order to continue my a step by step introduction into the world of cigars !

DANNEMANN produces all its noble Artist Line Reserva hand-rolled premium cigars in the original tobacco manufactory in São Félix in the RecÔncavo region in Bahia.

We differentiate between two types of covers, the so-called capa: the rather dark Bahia Brasil and Sumatra, which shows a lighter color. The cover has a big influence in the taste of the whole cigar and this is one of the aspects that  we could experience.

There are a lot of different aromi and flavors in a variety of nuances - just like with wine. The whole experience starts already with making the cigar ready to light it: cutting off the "head" of the cigar. With anything but a benzin lighter and a candle, the cigar can be started off. [ Oh - before that, we were smelling the cigar. ]

And now we start with the actual degustation. The taste changes while smoking - it gets warm, it develops its full aroma and towards the end again it usually changes - more or less ... depending on quality and composition, etc.

What was rather new and interesting to me was to "eat" the cigar - taste the tobacco, chew the leaf  *um pouco*

Trying a Bahia Brasil and a Sumatra, both planted in the Mata Fina micro-region in RecÔncavo, at the same degustation and even tasting them blindfolded was a special experience indeed!!

***muito obrigada***

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  1. Sounds great! I look forward to visiting youuu :)