Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm sexy and I know it :)

...nooo, it's not about me (this time ;) but 'bout what I experienced today in the local fitness center just around the corner ... a truly CLUB with the latest disco charts where the hip and health-conscious people go *gg*

My colleague brought me there and when we entered, the weekly step aerobic class just started. Loud bass music was on air ... so, this is were people come to shake!!!

Doesn't matter that it has ~34°C during the day anyways and in there, it's even hotter. A fan and some water coming out of thin pipes like vapor is the only cooling effect *chapéu*

Since there's no club in town, I def know where to go next time I need to dance ... and my body will certainly appreciate some work-out :
heat up the house, crank up the jukebox and get ready steps - I'm coming ;)))´

...give me one night in IBIZA *lol*

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