Saturday, March 3, 2012

Salvador da Bahia

Bom Dia do Brasil,

I`m living at the beachside of Salvador da Bahia these days and enjoy it quite a lot :-))   As I'm taking langugages classes here my portuguese improved even further, there's lotsa fiesta every day and Salvador seems to be a village ... almost all people one meets at the street somehow have a link and everybody somehow knows everybody and of course - has family all over Bahia! This is how it came that I coincidentially met my neighbour's brother, acquaintances from São Felix, the relatives of Senhor Geraldo Dannemann's grandson and the owner of a vegeterian restaurant I used to have lunch at ... he will be my future "biz-cooperation partner", and even more people *crazy lil' world*

Last week, I visited my colleagues in the Dannemann office in  Salvador's historic city center, the "Convento de Carmen", the famous Igreja do Bonfim where the regional Candomble cult is praised, a typical rather rustic market and some other sights. Very interesting was of course to just stroll through the city, buy a CD with the country's current Axé Charts, EAT, DANCE through life and simply go with da flow...
A week full of portuguese-spanish-english-german tonguetwisters, countless Caipirinhas, partying into the early wee hours and many funny, interesting people goes to an end ... enjoy some pics below:

For now, I'm off to the beach - travelling up the north coast this weekend and see what adventures come up *hehehe*

I look forward to receive calls and textmessages from YOU!!!
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