Thursday, February 9, 2012

Canta Bahia

I'm absolutely happy to be back here again and realize only now how much I missed South America and the Latino Way of Life during these almost three years of not being here! 

The landscape in rural Brazil - Recôncavo in the state of Bahia - is gorgeous, the people welcoming, the food delicious, the fresh fruits directly from the trees amazing the tropical climate just wonderful!

Until summer I will live here and I'm very much excited what the next months will bring - another magnificent and unique experience, that's for sure. And at this point I'd like thank my family for their constant encouragement ... it means a lot to me :-)

Furthermore, I also want to mention that I appreciate to have received lovely, heartening mails from friends around this planet, particularly in the last days and weeks: thank you very much they didn't only make my day but are a highly valuable source of empowerment!

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