Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HipHop in Hamburg, Reeperbahn and finally - in the early wee hours: fish market

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the second biggest in Germany and is full of interesting history. Thanks to the huge harbour, Hamburg has been an important transport hub, often described as gate to the world and indeed, for many it was the last station before taking off to the New World ... not less than 32 cities in the US were named Hamburg ;)

When arriving in Hamburg my friend Nick, with whom I had lived together in Taipei in November 2009, picked me up from the subway station and it was just so great to see him after such a loooong time  and only sporadic facebook-chats.Right, we had tons of things to catch up on and were talking until midnight ;)

Thank you very much Nick, for drawing a map for me, writing down and marking a whole tour to walk the city :-))
... I was indeed using it and therefore you can see some pics of Hamburg below:

@ the harbour where the river Elbe is about to arrive at the NorthSea

view from the 132m high steeple: Michel

by the river Alster - from where we took a beautiful boat-trip
by the way, Hamburg has more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam and London TOGETHER

Hamburg's city hall

modern harbour city ... construction costs are SKYROCKETING indeed

as you can easily realise - Hamburg's miniature wonderland was my personal highlight of the trip ;)
~ click on the picture to enlarge ~

walking around in the harbour quarter up to Reeperbahn, all of a sudden a "Steierer Stüberl" appears ... Steiermark is the province I come from in Austria and so it was fun to see a pub with this name in Hamburg :-)

Herbertstaße is the famous street in Hamburg where only adult men are allowed to walk through the gates...

Nick in front of the Old Elbtunnel which is open for pedestrians and even motorvehicles, passing under the up to 3km wide river Elbe

... I'm still missing some photos - Nick, move your a** and send me over those i-phone pics!!

After proper sightseeing on Friday, including culinary highlights such as sweet Franzbrötchen and a broad range of famous Fischbrötchen (fish sandwiches), the rest of the weekend was rather relaxed.
Partying in Hamburg is a must - the city is especially famous for HipHop music and to make the experience complete, we visited the legendary fish market at 6am in the morning when stepping out of the club :-))

What a great weekend - Hamburg is definitely worth a trip ...

Last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank my colleague Anki with who I could come by car and also stay overnight before we left for Berlin on Monday! Thank you very much Anki + mum for your hospitality!!!

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