Monday, May 30, 2011


Last Thursday, I was visiting Berlin's neighbour city POTSDAM and as it was on the way also lake WANNSEE

Starting off with a swimming pool session and a ladies night the day before, I wonderful looong weekend-trip was to follow:

The weather was beautiful and I was utmost excited to leave Berlin after staying in the city for almost two months. I walked around a bit in quaint Potsdam, did some shopping, strolled through the beautiful parks, lakes, little rivers and flower gardens surrounding Castle Sanssouci and had a great meal before meeting my colleague Anki with who I went to Hamburg.

 @ Lake Wannsee

 Nauener Gate in Potsdam

 Chinese Pavillion and loads of flowers inside the parcs of Castle Sanssouci

 View up to Castle Sanssouci

What a good day ...   :-))

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