Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Feeling & Travelling again :)))

How awesome: Wednesday, 7am in the morning, sunshine and blue sky - my roommates and I are biking our way to the outdoor swimming pool around the corner.  Surrounded by lotsa trees and flowers, two wonderful pools await us ... a bit chilly, but it's for sure worth the "temperature shock" !!

Fully refreshed I start into another great day :-)))

And: yeah - I'm about to leave for some more trips ... 

... after almost two months in the city Berlin I will go to Hamburg this Thursday for a looooong weekend to visit my friend Nick with whom I lived together in Taipei ;-)))

After that, I'll be in Dresden in former eastern Germany where I'll meet Geri!

Last but not least - London here I come :-)))

Starting mid of June, I have the pleasure to welcome some more family and friends here in Berlin!!
*I look forwad to seeing you really sooooon*

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  1. Me alegra que todo te este llendo super bien. Y que viejes tanto. Me alegra muchisimo. Espero que saques buenas experiencias en tus viajes y buenas reflexiones. Besos. Estan chevere las fotos con tu papa. Saludos de mi parte desde Ecuador.