Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cowboys and Market in São Felix

Praça Principal em São Felix...

It’s Saturday and the tiny town is busy: many fruit-&vegetable stalls spring out of the main square this day … “verduras e frutas” I’ve never seen before in my life are sold here and a very original person opened his car – doors, windows, trunk and even engine hood – to hang clothes all over the automobile. A hat-stand on four wheels ;)

Speakers are installed all over the city and the local radio musicbeats boom out at full volume. Walking down to Rio Paraguassú I pass by the premises where Cowboys trade their cattles … utmost exciting for a European, like me :-)

Entering the actual market hall in the “Mercado Municipal” building I find butchers. Fresh meat is arriving in a wheelbarrow – the whole disemboweled pig is loaded on the vehicle … *mmmhhh yummy*

@ Rio Paraguassú

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