Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zaragoza & around

We arrived in the city early afternoon, greeted by blue sky and sunshine and after some slight dissonance (with our GPS, the radio and all these street signs, of course!) we found a nice parking lot right across the cathedrals on the other side of river EBRO ... yesss, this big spanish river - I finally saw it ;)

market hall

caracoles - snails for dinner :)

Daniel hosted us in Zaragoza, took us for some delicious  "papas bravas" - potatoes with a mayo-red pepper sauce and some other tapas. We shared interesting talks and ... I got sick :((
Well, it has been a long time, I didn't vomit outside an open car window ... I'm sure the pedestrians had fun watching me get rid of my breakfast while cruising round the traffic circle ;))
.... not so funny after all when I feld creeping coldness although my body temperture was rising up well above 38°C ... yep, this meant strict bed reast for the following couple of days *aaaargh*

Nevertheless - it was a nice trip! Good idea and ... thx for driving Geri!

in 2008, Zaragoza hosted the World Expo on Water

~ Guadalajara ~ ... on our way back to Madrid

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