Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Herbststimmung in London

Yippie - I'm back in da city ... for a few days at least :)

It's autumn here, colorful leaves falling from the trees, sunny mornings and foggy afternoons, mild temperatures, chestnuts in the parks and Guy Fawkes Night: remember remember the 5th of November - the Gunpowder Plot!

Arriving at home, a delicious dinner awaits me and we go eastwards to the huuuuge mall in Stratford ... no doubt, Christmas is around the corner ;)

My weekend is wonderfully relaxing with highly enjoyable massages, looong beautiful walks, a cosy pub in Notting Hill, my new georgeous stylish handbag, delicious eat-outs, a funny cooking night, clubbing in London, crazy morning jogging, a movie night, self-made sweet birthday cake with quite some candles, a birthday quiz and MUSICAL NIGHT .... 


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