Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Touring Spain

Last week of October - time for getting to know some more of Spain!

That's why I flew down to Alicante, met Gerald there and then we rented a car for a 5-day roadtrip :) Along the coast we drove down to Cartagena at the seaside, further to Murcia, up to Valencia and via Teruel in the spanish meseta to Zaragoza from where we then headed back to Madrid. So far so good ... we experienced quite some adventure when within the first five hours someone broke into our car and stole the backpacks - lot's of time spent at the police station and a horrible, literally "deafening" drive back to Alicante to change the car.

Arriving rather late in Murcia we enjoyed this lovely city with beautiful old town center and well, had to do some shopping on Saturday in order to have something to wear for the upcoming days *aaaargh*




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