Friday, November 25, 2011

SAHARA DesertTrip

On Sunday at 6:00am we got up ... fully awake within seconds because the three of us were really excited to travel into the Sahara desert !!!

Hot mint-tea, "pancake-bread", butter and honey and then we're ready to start :-)

 Before actually getting to the desert, we need to cross the High Atlas Mountains - picture taken at the 2,260m high viewpoint ... snow chaos up there !!

**3 seasons within a few hours - incredible**

Mollywood - yep, Morocco is obviously becoming a serious movie-country: 
Babel, Gladiator, Sex and the City 2 and many more were produced here!!!

...dressed up like a real Tuareg ... well, almost ;)

We stayed overnight in these nomad-tents ... a 10,000-star hotel ... amazing!!!
 good morning in the Sahara :)

breakfast in the desert ...

I, Anki and Friederike in front of our tent :)

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