Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Neues aus Taipei

Georgeous sunsets in Danshui - Taiwan's west coast in the very north, just outside Taipei ;-)

 Chinese Dancers

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Visiting the President's office on Taiwans National Day October, 10

In Taipei City more than 1 MILLION scooters are cruising around!
Delicous *skyhigh* IceCream
with sweet potatoe, red bean, mango and other exotic flavors...
Delicious hot pot dinner - everybody is cooking the own meat, veggies, tofu, cheese, blood cake, eggs, corn,...
fresh mango juice for breakfast

Willy invited me to come with him to the aboriginal tribes celebration in Taipei County. His mother is from an aboriginal family but married a Chinese-Taiwanese so ... he introduced me into a culture pretty different from Taiwanese ;-)
*what an awesome day, thank you very much Willy*

Willy, his grandfather - the oldest of the tribe, me, an uncle, his mum, another uncle,...

...seems everybody is brother and sister, uncle and aunt, son and daughter ;-9

Traffic in Taipei - 650.000 cars + 1 million scooters!!!

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