Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Yazd" an der Seidenstraße - Stadt in der WÜSTE

Hier wo Uwe hinzeigt ist Yazd - mit dem Bus waren es etwa 9h vom nördlich gelegenen Teheran.
Gemeinsam mit meinem lieben Freund Kam nahmen wir den Nachtbus und wurden um 4:00 morgens von dessen Freund Hossein abgeholt. Er tischte uns gleichmal ein superleckeres Essen auf ... von Schlafen konnte keine Rede sein ;))

Workout in public ... yet, Iranians don't seem to use it that much - it's more for kids ;)
This is an antique scales as it was used for centuries in the Persian empire...

...and this, is something very very special: a NATURAL AIRCONDITION
the system is thousands of years old - how smart!
These towers are windcatchers and in the cupola below is a pool of water, cooling down the air that the tower catches. All the houses are linked with each other so the cool wind draws through :)
click on the pics to enlarge them
die Fotos werden größer wenn man draufklickt

me in a shrine ... amazing to see and even touch those holy relics in a "palace" full of 3-D mirror mosaics

Alexander's Prison ... Alexander from Macedonia (aka the Great) ordered it to be built!
 Poeple are living inside these walls in their flats nowadays!!

Pistaccio Tree

a mega waterpipe

...a recently abandoned part of the city...

...the newly built mosque...

well, I gave it a try ... my pottery wasn't that bad in the end :)

the city of MEYBOD ... I feel like travelling in time here
It looks exactly as I've always imagined when I was a girl back in school in our "religions" class ... brown houses made of mud bricks, date palms, desert, bright light and amazing golden sunset - my most favorite time of the day ... it seems the city is bathing in gold

Delicious dinner in a wonderful garden restaurant that has little water canals running through it, pomergranate trees and traditionally dressed waiters!

Watching the  sun rise  in western Iran!

Another highlight: buying beer in Iran from a dealer and having a nice PARTY!!! As alcohol is illegal in the country, people find ways and means to get their booze :))
Here you can find a rather interesting link on the issue of illegal alcohol in Iran: Illegal Alcohol in Iran

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