Saturday, September 24, 2011

Caspian Sea

Our first view to the Caspian Sea at the horizon ... trekking & tramping all the way over from Alamut Valley, passing the 3.200m high peaks and descending down for two days ... yeah, we made it!!!
 What an amazing hike!
(see pics above)

... here one can clearly distinguish the sections: a common one for everybody and then men to the left, women to the right side of the tarpaulins.

And I did it, I entered the women's section of this beach - it took me a few moments to realize what I was seeing ... my idea of this country all of a sudden turned another 180°C. Standing outside - just on the other side of this thin canvas, you would never ever imagine what's going on inside!!! Well, at least for Europe and the Americas I know - bikinis of this sort you truly have to get in sex shops ...

Plus, I found it wonderful that each and every woman, no matter how she looks and how bad her bodyshapes are, is happily moving inside this section far away from any of the ugly comments that are often heard on western beaches :))

Another very expensive can of WHISKEY - in fact it's just cheap alcohol flavored like the licor!

Thank you for taking us with you on your truck, showing us around and hosting us for a night!
~ happy driving ~

convinient, never seen before in a restaurant

georgeous sunsets at the Caspian Sea

markets endure well into the nights here

a funeral procession - men in front, women mourning behind

Der ganz normale Wahnsinn ... ein konstantes Autodrom-Racing :))
Normal traffic in this country ... I felt I'm constantly watching bumper cars doing their motor-racing ciruits. And - these car's here are never short of an alarm system.

Another highlight:
watching the sun, rising out of the Caspian Sea ... made my day!!!

Man reist nicht nur um anzukommen,
sondern vor allem, um unterwegs zu sein.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thank you for this amazing trip!!

We were enjoying such warm welcomes, lovely hospitality and could share some interesting views with innumerous Persians who we've met on our way :) They were giving us so much without expecting anything in return - this is the Persian way how to treat people.

It was a wonderful exerience for me to discover this country! Though, I still can't believe how easily Europeans, Americans and just all of us are manipulated even in these days and what a wrong picture false information and the media can create. I have realised even more how powerful it is and how important it is to always be critical about everything. Whatever I've heard about Iran before ... it's simply NOT TRUE. And this fact, made my trip so special ... you arrive with a certain idea only to discover that actually all this is not so as you thought - and although I didn't even think much in advance!!

Kam, I am grateful you suggested me to come and visit your country. I learned so much and above all, I'm happy I met you again after one and half years, spending some quality time together and getting a muscle soreness due to paroxysm of laughter with you ;))
Thank you and Hossein for your help and organising this unforgettable trip to Yazd!

What a pleasure travelling with you, Uwe!
A thousand thanks to my family who has supported me at all times and always wants me to follow my dreams!

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