Sunday, September 14, 2014

Highgate Cemetery in northern London

A Saturday in London, good weather with clouds moving fast as is so typical for here, the slightly colder wind is announcing the arrival of autumn... 
...Katha and I have explored a tremendous amount of places in the UK's capital throughout the last months and so we decided to head for northern London today. 

In the 19th century, when the Industrial Revolution allured more and more people to London, poor hygienic standards let to an outbreak of Cholera with thousands of people dead and not enough space on the city's graveyards. 
This is when the 7 magnificent cemeteries - Highgate amongst them - were built and run by a private company. 

 Photo above and below taken from Wikipedia and haunted

The Egyptian Alley leads to the Lebanon Circle with a Cedar tree on top. The doors are entrances to family graves. 
Victorians loved to show off how wealthy they were and the bigger and higher a grave, the more money they had. Even professional mourners were employed to have a particularly big funeral! 

 Probably the most famous person buried in Highgate Cemetery is Karl Marx...

Holly Village and its 12 beautiful gothic cottages...

Highgate Cemetery, Parliament Hills and descending from Hampstead Heath into Camden Town where we enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner ... it was a wonderful day trip! 
What a great day!!

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