Sunday, September 21, 2014

Adventure Weekend in London

Come Friday 5 o'clock and another weekend packed with exciting new adventures shall start off for me today :)

Exploring the whereabouts of JACK THE RIPPER ... from the CITY of LONDON our professional guide leads us through ALDGATE into the east end, along tight little alleyways, past traditional pubs and all the way to Spitalfields Market by night!! 

On Saturday is London OPEN HOUSE, which means that more than 800 buildings are waiting for the citizen's visits :)
Together with a nice acquaintance back from my time at uni in Bath I get into the queue for the Lloyds Building! 
 model of the Lloyds Building ... 

It is so worth the wait - we learn about the history of one of the world's most famous trading floors! 
Founded in 1765, Lloyds specialised in insuring ships and their cargo. Until today, Lloyds insurance knowledge and willingness to take on risk when others do not, is appreciated by brokers and others in the finance industry...

 Great view from the top ... 

...WALKIE TALKIE skyscraper :)

...and the GHERKIN :)

Next stop is the GUILDHALL of the City of London (the one squaremile that constitutes the origin of what we consider as London nowadays). 

 A magic labyrinth that stretches even into an underground hall system and an ancient Amphitheatre constructed by the Romans. 

Sunny Sunday is welcomed with a Brunch and Morning Cocktail, then I am heading up high above the city into the wonderfully Mediterranean flair of KENSINGTON ROOF GARDENS. 

My friend Martha is stopping over for a few nights on her way to Marrakesh and since I haven't seen her in almost a year, there's a lot to catch up on :)

*Life is a big great canvas and you should throw all the paint you can on it*
~Danny Kaye~

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