Sunday, June 12, 2011

London for B-Day Girls ;)

SUNSHINE in London at my arrival ... amazing :-))

It was another wonderful visit, enforcing my love-hate relationship with the city! 
The weather was kinda good [apart from Friday's breakfast in sunshiny-bed with downpouring heavy rainshowers 30min later, sunshine after that and as soon as we were on the bikes another time raining cats and dogs just to get wet before the sun dried up everything once more *lol*], 
we discovered new parks and areas south of the Thames, went swimming, amused ourselves hilariously at a friend's wedding, walked through Little Venice and last but for sure not least - I was invited for dinner at my most fav London restaurant: Damascian cuisine *thank you sooo much, Mr. C*

We discovered London's bike-hire system and this is how it all got a new dimension now ... riding a bike along Oxford Street through Hyde Park and into the beautiful flower districts of Knightsbridge and Chelsea is a feeling I cannot even describe :-)
I felt freedom, enhanced living quality and yes, a certain "coolness", I'd say. You don't need to pay for the expensive but somewhat shitty+stinky public transport, see much more from the city and even get to do some sports!!

Thank you for the Birthday Roses

typical London pub

Battersea Park

looking down the Thames

This time it was especially hard for me to leave ... Berlin is calling though ...

...With a 38x44x18 cm georgeous + really creative bi-national box ;)) as my luggage, I make my way to the airport.
People smile at me, security guards wish me happy birthday and the steward asks me whether he could please have a piece of the b-day cake, offering me some of his original stuffed Spanish olives in return ... *I'm loving it*

We start take off and first go rather low, meaning  I have a good view over the beautiful English landscape, reaching the clouds only when we get to the British Channel ... what a beautiful candy-cotton landscape :-))

Thoughtfully, I've chosen a window seat on the western side of the plane ... and yess - I was right, the sunset over Berlin just at approach for landing is marvellous!! 

Like a glowing red ball, the sun is going down ... 

 ...thank you very much, for these beautiful days full of joy, Mr. C!

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