Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally .... some pics!

Lake Titicaca as seen from the airplane
Kitchen at around 4000m above sea level...serves delicious food

Kathi & me enjoying a soup :-)

Hier noch froehlich....wenige Minuten bevor uns der Bus davonfuhr und wir mit dem Taxi hinterher ;-)

Miraflores - Lima

Màncora - northern coast of Peru!

@ the pool

soak up the sun at 30 degrees celsius


Georgeous Sunsets!


Arequipa in the South of Peru

Chivay - small village in the Cañòn del Colca

Indigenous people speaking the old Aymara language!

about 5000 m above sea level

Machu Picchu!

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  1. AWESOME... und das ist alles was ich dazu sagen kann :)