Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Austrian Flair in London

Heute war ich im Auftrag der Österreich Werbung unterwegs - im Dirndlkleid am Oxford Circus inmitten von London!

Today I was promoting our marvelous Austrian hiking and walking paths in the Alps for Austrian National Tourism Office ... in our traditional folkloric clothes at Oxford Circus in the middle of London!

Es hat mich sehr gefreut, einige Menschen zum Lächeln zu bringen, auf die "walk to work" challenge im Mai aufmerksam zu machen und Österreich als Wanderdestination zu bewerben :)

It was my pleasure to bring a smile to people's faces, draw their attention to the "walk to work" challenge during the national walking month May and of course I was happy to promote Austria as a hiking destination in our gorgeous Alps :)

Von 16.-19. Mai gibt's ein "Wien Event" am Leicester Square ... 
From May 16-19 is the "Vienna Event" on Leicest Square ... 
...everybody welcome to stop by!!

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  1. What a bunch of beautiful people! If that is how it looks in Austria, I should definitely come for a visit soon :)