Thursday, January 31, 2013

Living in London

I can't really believe it myself yet, but I've just started a new era in my life!!! 

After graduating from the University of Bath, time has come to look for a serious job and settle down somewhere for a little while ...

So, I looked around a little bit in Brussels, Paris and some German cities to find something related to politics, research and projects, communications and PR with institutions, NGO's and NPO's. I was slightly disappointed, however, with how small chances are one can get in and how so many organizations expect recent graduates and young professionals to do unpaid interships and voluntary work ... I've done it before, enjoyed it very much and it was a wonderful experience that broadened my horizon enormously.
Always, when I got really into it though, I had to leave again and this is one of the reasons why I am ready for a "real job" now. I want to indulge more into my tasks and build up somehting ... even if this means I have to stay at one place for some time to come. 

Here I go ... in London, quite spontaneously and unexpectedly an opportunity came up for me to join a young company that creates funky, fashionable and eye-catching electronic gadget gifts, IT peripherals and mobile phone accessories:

Well - I decided to give it a try because it will enable me to work in a multicultural, young, dynamic work environment with lotsa challenges and opportunities ahead, travelling included ... sounds good to me!

Living in London I actually start liking the city more and more ... especially because I decided to move out of the center, close to work so I can walk there. Now I live in a little house with a small garden on top of a hill, just 50 metres away from a big field with georgeous views over London and the modern Canary Wharf buildings. 

My flatmate Katrina prepared a delicios "welcome Lunch" when I moved in :)
Holly and Alex, who live upstairs, contributed self-made and very tasty cupcakes!!
*thank you very much* 

 Another great British speciality is PIMMS ... fancy a drink?

My recent visit in Madame Tussaud's:
.... on a date with the BEATLES ;)


London attracts millions of people every year and so it is not surprising that I've already met quite a few friends and acquaintances from other places! 
It amazes me how I went out with my Italian friend for a night here in London and met a Berlin-friend of mine for coffee before he left for the airport again. 
Others have decided to come here for work as well and this is how I keep in touch with mates from uni, encountered my friend from Taiwan again and again, bumped into my "Austrian Mexico buddy" and why I regularly meet my Madrid roommate and visit my Japanese colleague here in London ... 
 I look forward to welcome more of you all, here in one of the world's big metropolis. 
When you happen to be around, just give me a ring ... 0044 75 3951 1305
See you in LONDON !!!

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