Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Impressions from TANZANIA

blue sky at 8am in the morning

colourful Maasai market

 Walking through the suburbs of Arusha, the gate to national parks in the northwest and Kilimanjaro in the northeast, with my new friend John ... a great experience!
*thank you very much for your selfless conduct, John*

a creative version of cinema

the boys invite me to play with them ;))

difficult living situation for many families in Tanzania

delicioius chapatii, freshly made!!

discovering the wonders of Tanzanian markets :-))

"mass production" of suits, school uniforms, working overals, etc.

the famous "chicken bus" ;))

This is ... a mobile BANK to transfer, receive and pay in money.

from the interior I travel towards the coast .... enjoying fruity mangos, beautiful sunset atmosphere and crazy-busy city life in Dar Es Salaam...

my great moto taxi driver ~ good job, buddy!

German church in Dar Es Salaam

* Dar Es Salaam from above *

~ Sunset above Somalia ~

... a magic moment indeed ...

Arriving back in London, I still enjoy the taste of Tanzania for some weeks to come ... Kilimanjaro tea, sand dollars, Konhagy, salt from the Indian Ocean, Safari beer, mangos, coffee, tamarindo, special nuts, Tanzanian coke, tasty oranges, and an odd dry fruit that contains some cubes which are used to produce candyyy :))

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