Wednesday, August 29, 2012

B as in British

London 8:00am - rays of sunshine are waking me up … what a beautiful start into the day!

My train ride leads me through the lovely green landscape straight to Bath. Oh wow – I totally forgot how beautiful this town is!! This must for sure be the quaintest old little town in England. Three of my colleagues are still in Funky Backpackers Hostel Bath and this is where I gonna be for one month now. The stuff crowd is a sympathetic team of Aussies, Finnish, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian and German. 
On my first day I arrange some things and am just overwhelmed by the amazing service culture of the British!! Yes, now I can feel the (positive) culture shock: people actually give answers, know what they’re talking about and even give some super-helpful extra information *overwhelmed*
The free National Health Care Center is clean, quiet and fast – when I leave I should evaluate them … *incredible*

Another highlight of my day is spotting Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones in Bath!!
Guess what: we’re out for drinks from 3:30pm … doesn’t matter I told 'em I’m there to write my Master dissertation *hahaha* Can’t withstand the seduction of cider, cheesy chips and raspberry sambucca shots ;-)

We enter the first location of our pub crawl – I truly feel like back in time: this is sooo british here!!

*loving it*

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