Sunday, June 3, 2012

ReggaeNight in São Félix

Ever heard about Edison Gomes? Isaque Gomes or Jeremias Gomes? Well, the Gomes family is the most famous reggae combo in Brazil. And – guess what: they are from tiny São Félix in rural Bahia!

Twice a month they give a free open-air concert at the little main square right by the shores of Rio Paraguassú. After this lovely past weekend I decided I should stay in town more often and so this live show came quite opportune … of course I couldn’t miss out on that one!
São Félix is a different place at night. Cocktail booths with a variety of fresh fruit presentation spring up like mushrooms, churrascinho and queijinho BBQ is offered on every corner and people from the whole region are descending on the town. I wasn’t aware that I actually know that many people here … but well, a blond blue-eyed girl is rather obtrusive in a place of chocolate-coloured morenos and so everybody remembers me easier than I do remember them ;)

Sun is almost rising when I go to sleep at five in the morning. Yes, indeed quite a special night for me!

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