Monday, December 12, 2011

PAMPLONA in Navarra

At 7:00 in the morning I left San Sebastian to head for Pamplona in the region of Navarra about an hour away. The famous Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostela is going through here and this is how it came that I even walked a tiny distance of this path :-))

Pamplona is beautifully green with the old city - the center - built on top of a hill surrounded by thick and high fortification walls! From above there you can see the whole region, down to the river and into the expansive gardens that surround the western and northern part of the city!

Pamplona is the city where San Fermín, the bull run, is taking place every summer. Men are running through the streets, followed by the bulls ... or viceversa ...  ;-))

Pamplona is a lovely little town with all these small speciality shops ... panaderías, carnicería, frutería, pastelería, cerveczería, ...

Roe deers in the cities biggest park ..

In the afternoon I met Anita with who I studied together in my Exportmanagement Bachelor's in Austria ... and her charming boyfriend. 
It was great meeting you again after such a looong time and catching up a bit!!

On my way back to Madrid I took the bus again and when we were only 15min away from the bus terminal, we had an accident. Miraculously nobody got hurt seriously!! We were driving on a 4-lane highway when a car suddenly stopped. So, we crashed it and the bus went left to reduce the impact. Another car was on the left lane though and so we also crashed this one. Two cars pushed in our bus from behind and another one from the side ... so yes - pure chaos!

Al fin y al cabo teníamos que esperar casi 2 horas a otro bus que nos llavó a la estación ...

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