Saturday, December 5, 2009




Do not even know where to start with telling about this great place!! First of all - yeah, I am a MILLIONAIRE - just withdrew a million rupee ... thx to my mum who sent me my code for my banc card - stupid me forgot that of course ;-))   ...otherwise I'd have to dance in the street and try to earn money with it, I guess *hahaha*

What's but sooo funny - I am lying under a palm tree on the beach, looking over the Indian Ocean and can hear some X-mas songs in the background ... all I want for Christmas is youuuuu
I am not even a little bit in Chritmas-mood as for me, this comes with coldcold weather - temperatures below zero degrees celsius, snow, hot wine, cookies, nectarines (these small orange kind of fruits), Krampus-another Austrian custom, X-mas markts, ....

By the way: Happy SPIDERHUNTING - of course I rented the cheapest accommodation I could find and with this comes of course a small animal farm in my room - as soon as it gets dark ;-)

Nevertheless, I am having a blast here's impossible not to!! Did sooo many exciting things already at the first day here. I went surfing in the morning - okey okey let's put it this way: I tried to catch the wave at the right time, balance and stand up - stay up aaaand, hmmm I didn't look too sexy I suppose ... balancing my body back and forth, up and down, wet salty hair in my face *hahaha*
Anyways, Indonesian people are really really friendly and immediately I had some handsome guys around me (surfing instructors who surfed for fun in their free time) who helped me to catch these damn waves ;-))
Boogie boarding was awesome as well!!

Met a lot of interesting, fun, nice, helpful people and could even try to ride a scooter myself (yeah I know, it's not too difficult but as I never do it, it's quite a challenge to make my way through busy Kuta and it's narrow streets ;-)  ...aaand, as some of you might know: I tried it when I was 14 and thought that I know everything - well, I ended up in hospital with a wound so deep that the injection they gave me came out again :-(( ...since then, I was a little reluctant to ride a scooter again ;-)

Took a fun night-swim in a wonderful pool surrounded by palms and bonsais and enjoyed breakfast this morning in this georgeous quite oasis "Hindu-style" !!

Well, this is a tiny part of my first impressions in Indonesia - it is really great!!

Pics will hopefully follow soon :-)


  1. Hey!! Me alegra de tantas cosas para tu vida. Me da mucha alegría que sigas Viajando y sigas conociendo lugares. Y mucho mejor que surfes!!
    Ami Besos!! Te extraño.

  2. Hallo Michi!

    Wir wünschen Dir fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und dass Du, nach Deinen vielen Abenteuern und Erlebnissen, wieder gesund und munter in der "alten Heimat" vorbeischaust.

    Liebe Grüße aus Bruck an der Mur von Deinem Onkel Gerhard mit Familie.