Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pingxi - im subtropischen Huegelland oestlich von Taipei

About an hour bus ride from Taipei's Muzha MRT metro stop, located in a green valley of subtropical hills, we visited the village of Pingxi.

We, that is: Andrew, Chris and Eileen from the United States, Marion from France, me from Austria, Jackie from HongKongShintarou from Japan and LongYi from Taiwan!

@ a historical bell .. somewhere in the woods with maaany mosquitos ;-)

walking ON the railways on the bridge over a gorge with a small river some 20 m beneath us ... what we did not know before - the train arrived just when we got off the bridge *yeah, let's go for some adrenalin*

...ooops ;-)

These tunnels were used during WW II as a hide-out

beautiful waterfalls, georgeous scenery

a lantern was sent into the sky

Us, jumping on a bridge ;-)

Marion & Eileen

Andrew, me, Eileen

Pingxi is famous for it's LANTERN FESTIVAL, which usually takes place in February. This year, lanterns from abroad such as China or Japan and even as far away as Mexico, took part in the festival.

Although it was not the actual event when we have visited Pingxi, we could still buy a life-sized lantern and got ink to draw&write our wishes on ;-)  
We wrote in Chinese, English, French, German and drew "lucky elephants & flowers"...

Asians are rather superstitious (aberglaeubisch) and so, the different colors of the paper all have a meaning: love, health, good luck, money, long life,... Still, we decided to go for our most favourite colors instead of the meaning and ended up sending a green-yellow, red and blue-orange lantern like a "hot air baloon" into the night

What a terrific and fun day - thank you Andrew&Chris for convincing me to come w/you guys 
...although I was just getting so comfy as a couch potato *smile*

And - thx for the pictures that u all provided !!

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