Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Loch Lomond and Stirling

Good morning in Balloch @ Loch Lomond...

 scenic train rides through the Scottish Highlands ... must be amazing in real springtime when everything is blossoming :)

after an adventurous hitchhiking-train-trip I arrive in Stirling ... famous for the battle led by William Wallace to defend Scotland against the English

Cupcake for Breakfast *loving it*

Stirling Bridge - the English lost this battle in 1297 although they were a lot more soldiers, due to the marshes surrounding this area where their horses got stuck!

Allegedly, the sword of William Wallace who was played by Mel Gibson in the famous movie BRAVEHEART!
(c) Photo from Wikipedia to get a better idea of the scenery around Stirling.

springtime is approaching ... slowly but surely ;)

Happy Easter!

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