Monday, August 15, 2011

6 weeks semester break ;-))

Yipppie - finally I handed in my last seminar paper for this semester ... can't believe I'm done for now - and half my Master Studies are already OVER *omg*

Now I'll enjoy one more week here in Berlin, stop by in Austria for a couple of days and go on a great one-month backpacking trip before heading off to Spain in the end of September :)

Looking back, time went by really fast and slowly but surely my time as a student come to an end - next semester I'll be in Madrid and after that my Master Thesis is left to fabricate!!!

This morning my flatmate Thomas moved out - he will live in Prague with his girlfriend Veronika who left Berlin last month :-(( Also, Nils left for vacation last week and so it feels a bit weird being at home now. Yet, Felix moved in for the meantime and Lukas will take over Thomas' room within the next days.

The absence of my dear roomies at least, it makes it easier for me to leave Berlin ... just now when I actually felt home and totally comfortable here in Germany time has come to

Thank you for making me feel home! I had a good time with you Nils, Thomas and Veronika!

I proudly present - the view from my room:
Europe's tallest building - the Berlin TV tower on Alexanderplatz

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