Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life back home...

First of all - Mercer's annual QUALITY OF LIVING survey was released last month and the winner is.... VIENNA!!!

I am actually proud of living the city with the highest life quality :-)'s wonderful to be here in this comparatively small city in the middle of Europe ... a lively hub that offers so much entertainment, culture, green environment and nature, style, culinary delights, a diversity of people, arts, ...

The Hundertwasser House in Vienna :-)

*for Yachuan*

So, I look forward to meet YOU in my country ... feel free to contact me so that I can show you all around ;-))

Hm, two weeks ago I've been at home with my family for a few days and it was just sooo nice to do nothing, relax in the hammock under our cherry tree, read a good book, enjoy bbq, eat ice cream, go hiking, visit a museum, swim in the lake, have breakfast overlooking BRUCKlyn City, lotsa sunshine and well, just enjoying life!!

my mum, my brother Wolfi and my dad
below, my brother Alex sleeping in the hammock :-)
This is where we are at home - in the middle of Austria, Styria - the so called green heart of Austria!!

Last weekend, my friend from Germany - Tobi, contacted me that he spontaneously decided to surprise his girlfriend and take her to Vienna! It was a real nice weekend, the two had a great time in Vienna and for me it's always awesome to meet friends from all over the globe again after a long time...  and that is, how Tobi surprised two ladies!!
*thx for stopping by Tobi & Conny*

Hm, tomorrow Friday my mum will come to visit me for a couple of days and I am really looking forward to this :-))

I wish you all a great weekend!!

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