Thursday, February 18, 2010

Base Camp @ Austrian Embassy ;-)

After a wonderful long weekend in Taman Negara, the world's oldest rainforest (blog to follow!), I come back to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday evening.

Doing a quick review of my situation, I decide it's best to move out from the place where I live - kinda outside the city - and stay in downtown for these couple of days left! No sooner said than done, spontaneous as I am i spend about half the night packing and early Wednesday morning take a cab to Wisma Goldhill where the Austrian Embassy is located. With the wholekit and caboodle - meaning a HUGE backpack, my lil' red suitcase and some 4 bags - I enter the building *hahaha*
Yep, and that is how it came that my "base camp" now is in here :-)

Well, my last nights here in KL I spend partying - what else?! ...and so I am a bit tired today after a looong ladies night
(with lotsa head-scratching at the weekly quiz nights with my most favourite brainteaser buddy Ash) 
that somehow never ended until I went back to the office at 8 in the morning :-)

Was delighted by a surprise overseas call from a nice friend last night who found my emails I sent during the last 8 months in his spam-folder ... *thx, was so good talking to you*

Furthermore - couldn't believe it when Geri yesterday told me that the recent "Mardi Gras" celebrations are the reason for the "crackdown" of his voice ... Carnival?? What, when was that?? I can't believe it, amidst all the crazy Chinese New Year celebrations I completely missed our Western custom of costume parties. Well, out of sight out of mind, or how was that?
Anyways, welcome to the Year of the Tiger - I wish you all good luck!!

Other updates from my side:
Fly to Singapore Friday in the morning to meet my mum, Helga and Margit who are scheduled for arrival in the afternoon *jipppie* Still can't believe it!!
We will spend the weekend in Singapore, head back to KL for a week and afterwards relax on the beautiful island of Langkawi. The end of our trip will be in Bangkok from where we take the plane back to VIENNA ... finally, good old Europe is calling :-))

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