Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pics from the 1st week in Ecuador!

Baking (Austrian) cookies with the "abuelitos"

preparing the "Muerbteig" ! the kitchen - where our delicious meals come from!

Going to the sand beach @ river Daúle with the grandpa´s - nobody is left behind-everybody is "thrown" into the water *funny* ... and simply unthinkable in Austria to do such an excursion with an old people´s home!!

BBQ @ the beach!

Playing in the afternoon!

Grilling bananas *yammie*

We are watching street volleyball
Die Zuschauer des alltaeglich Volleyballspiels ... oder auch Ball ueber die Schnur...

View from a typical family`s bamboo hut...rice fields, rice fields and rice fields again :-)

Garden of the old people´s home

The old people´s home "Girasol" donde estoy viendo esta semana :-)

Mein Himmelbett ;-) canopy bed!
colorful flowers...blooming everywhere

Austrian compañeros...we did the circus workshop together. From left to right:
Regina, Norbert, Babsi, Heiner, Peter, Gregor

Me in Pepe´s car :-)

Crocodile in Gayaquil´s "Parque Historico" ozelot in the background!

Colorful papagayos ;-))

South America´s only buddhist temple in Guayquil :-)

Fiesta de Guayaquil on July 25 and also Simón Bolívar`s birthday (the "liberator" of Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela) !

Me with Erika and Miguel

Pepe and me, holding an iguana in Guayaquil´s parque de iguanas...

Guayaquil´s church with the statue of Simón Bolívar in the front ...


Erika and her sister :-)

School in construction in Daúle!

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