Monday, June 30, 2014

IRELAND with friends

With a big smile on my face I agreed to spontaneously a book a flight to Dublin when Daniel told me we are invited to visit his good friend. 

Another one of those trips we had to get up at 4 in the morning ... and again, it was so worth it! 

Expecting stereotypically rainy island I was absolutely amazed with the sunshine and warm temperatures we experienced during all the days of our visit :)

Our lovely hosts Leo and Brigitte showed us around in the city and made sure to spoil us with delicious home-cooked food at all times *we absolutely loved it*

Visiting Kilkenny ... a quaint little Irish town from Medieval times! 

Biking, deers and pick-nicks....

Dalkey ... mediterranean flair all around us - I truly feel like somewhere in southern France :)

Thank you very much for your hospitality and the fun time we enjoyed with you Leo and Brigitte - we look forward to welcome you guys in London !

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Quite unexpectedly I booked a flight to Austria mid of June - take off in 4 days :))

Ms Business Development Executive on a mission ...
... and in the evening enjoying the summer feeling in our stunning capital: VIENNA - a midsummer night's dream !
(demo photo taken from google)

I am lucky to combine business with pleasure and so I have the opportunity to spend four wonderful days at home with my family and friends :)

Gorgeous Freilichtmuseum Stuebing 

The most unexpected event - Formula 1 in Spielberg .... what an awesome day with my brother Alex :)

Delicious BBQ, World Cup and Table Tennis in the garden *loving it*

Thank you everyone for being part of it! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

B-day Weekend in BRUSSELS

The years fly by ... yes they do indeed, quicker and quicker every year ... and here it comes again - my birthday :)
Previously I could never understand how one can possibly forget their age. Guess what, know this is exactly what happens to me *lol*

My b-day weekend started fabulous with great summer weather, my friend Katha coming over w/ a lovely card and cake, delicious Antipasto and the UK's summer drink number 1: Pimm's with fresh strawberries, oranges, cucumber and mint :)

When I arrived at home a huge surprise awaited me: 
Daniel has built together a bike for me!!
Foldable one - a typical London City Flitzer and I can't wait to get on the road to start cruisin' ...
THANK YOU sweetheart :)

After birthdays in Austria, USA, Portugal, UK, Brazil and France, I decided to go to Belgium this year - an easy get-away from London and - oh boy - what an adventure with the Eurostar train from London to Brussels!

Not much sleep for us this night - at 4am we get up to catch the first train!
French signs announce where we are going ... j'adore la francophonie :)

We enjoy wonderful weather, meet my lovely friend Julie after practically 3 years, go for caipirinhas, belgium beer and the traditional moules frites, chocolate and macarones. 

We explore EU institutions, relax around the iconic Atomium park area and discover flee market in Marollen. 

Riddle below: find Mika ;)

Julie - it was great seeing you again after such a looong time!

Of course we must pass by the famous MANNEKEN PIS

Enjoying summer in Brussels ... and the best: our first watermelon of the year !!!

Thank you so much for this fabulous birthday weekend Daniel, Julie, Katharina 
and thank you very much to all those of course who made my day by calling in and writing me :))