Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fabulous LAS VEGAS

Las Vegas - what an artificial oasis in the desert! 

A very unique place on this earth... 

24/7/365 = 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year 

You can get your nails done at 3:30am in the morning, if you want to ... You can drink booze at 8:30am in the morning if you want to ...

In each and every hotel on the strip - the main avenue in Las Vegas - you walk through a casino on the ground floor: no windows and always the same amount of light, fresh oxygen pumped in so that people never consciously notice what time of the day it is and stay awake for loooong hours. 
All the hotels along the strip are somehow linked to each other so you'd never need to go out but walk from one fantasy land to another. They are all themed so you might start in the tropical jungles of Mandalay Bay Hotel, walk over to old Egypt into the Luxur Hotelpyramid and further through Excalibur Castle Hotel and then say hello to the Statue of Liberty in New York New York Hotel, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. 

It amazes me how every detail is taken care of. It truly feels like you are there: Venetian Hotel, Paris Hotel and oh wow Caesars Palace! 
Other highlights I experienced during this one-week stay in Vegas was observing the light and sound show at Bellagio Hotel's beautiful fountain, doing a Bigshot ThrillRide at the Stratosphere Hotel and going to the BlueManGroup Show in the MonteCarlo Hotel, not to forget our Gambling Night and meeting a billionaire who sent us back to our hotel in his private limousine ;)

inside the Luxor Hotel

in front of Excalibur Castle Hotel

Over the bridge from Excalibur Castle to New York.

Impressions from New York New York Hotel

take a walk along the strip

Blue Man Group - what an amazing show!

Dinner at a very special restaurant :)

Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Don't miss the 32,000squaremetre lake and it's choreographed dancing fountains in front of Bellagio Hotel...

Hard Rock Hotel

Venetian Hotel

Sunset as seen from my hotel room!

Stratosphere Hotel is the tower on the left of this picture. 

Las Vegas Entertainment

Going out until the sun rises again... ;)

Hangover !!!

CES - Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas

S A T Z U M A   at its best ;)

We launch the latest addition to our product range: 
Lightwave Speakers, RC Mini Cooper, DJ Panda

The new product line iDesign is the new hottie for 2014 !!!
Customise your headphones and smartphone cases - buy it all in one DIY-kit :)

 Building up our eye-catching booth!

After a long day inside the Exhibition Centre a beautiful sky greets us, heralding a fabulous Las Vegas night ahead !!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Southern UTAH - Peaks, Plateaus, Canyons

Some impressions from this wonderful place ... fewer and fewer people, more and more wide amazing landscapes ... 

Typical American Dinner in Blanding ... I feel like I'm in a movie ... middle-sized town in the middle of nowhere: Burger Restaurants, Churches, Laundromats and the typical chain hotels just off the highway. 
That's it, high5 !

Dog behind the steering wheel :)

"Red-rock fins, bridges, needles, spires, craters, mesas, butters ... a crumbling, decaying beauty, a vision of ancient earth."

Newspaper Rock - more than 300 petroglyphs attributed to Ute and Ancestral Puebloan groups during 2000-year-period.

When I drive by here it almost seems the rock falls down on my car ;)

"Boasts the world's greatest concentration of sandstone arches - more than 2,000 ranging from 1metre to almost 100 metres wide!

 Early morning at the DELICATE ARCH ... one of the most picturesque rock arches!

...the rock piece above seems to balance itself on the tip of the rock below... 

The drive must go on ... via my most norther point at Green River I drive back south across Boulder Mountain through the tiny outpost of Boulder (population of 188 creatures ;) ... and apart from one single person I see inside a little store of a gas station, everybody seems to have left for the winter months?!

...landscapes like on the Moon and later on like on Mars...

... I pass through orchards - a legacy of Mormon settlement - where people are invited to pick cherries, peaches and apples (in summer season :)


 Scenic Highway No12

 Last night of my road trip ... what a lovely accommodation - sleeping next to "open fire"

Tunnel - drilled into stone! 


Bagel for Breakfast :)

Bye bye Peaks, Plateaus, Canyons!