Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ladies Weekend in WARSAW ;-)

Wednesday night I started in my looong weekend :-)

I met Babsi in Vienna at the train station and from there we started to Warsaw, the Polish capital - about 9 hours by train from Austria's capital. However, there was an accident on the trail so we had to go via Bratislava in Slovakia and arrived more than two hours late at our destination... 
*no problem for us, though*
Carina, who is studying there for one "trimester" and Marion - flown in directly from L'Oréal in Düsseldorf picked us up and there we started to talk for hours and days to come *hihi*  I haven't seen the girls since September and sooo much happened in all our lives ... so - talk talk talk ;-)))

  • Thanks sooo much Carrie for having us stay in your apartment - it was a lot of fun!! *good luck w/ this wild animal, also known as cuddly pet*
  • Marion - merci beaucoup for all these wonderful shampoos, sprays, balsam and all the other treatments I went home with - I felt like re-born after coming out of the shower this morning ... and all these wonderful fragrances surrounding me and my HAIR *hihi*
  • Babsi - muchísimas gracias  for these delicious Mexican sweets, you know how much I love them ....I missed them so much!!!

We enjoyed great breakfasts - with the psycho-cat in the washing machine ;-) , wonderful days walking around in Warsaw - eating ice cream, drinking cocktails, hot tea and smoothies...depending on the weather .... and having wonderful Indian cuisine .... and also visited the city's Hard Rock Café! Sightseeing was also pretty nice: we went up to the top of the cultural tower to enjoy a great view and took a tour through the King's Palace ;-)

Wow - these 4 days went by just sooo quickly ... and it's already Monday morning, 6am ... back in Vienna starting into the merry month of MAY ;-))) 
*have a good start into the week everybody*