Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 from LONDON

Yesss, rather unexpectedly I am celebrating in LONDON, this time!
...not too bad after all - I can defnitely not complain :-)))

I think I posted this video-link on here before ... a few days ago I came across it and thought: this cannot be posted often enough - what a joy watching this video:

2010 was a splendid year for me - I hope you've all enjoyed your 2010 as much as I did and look very much forward to another prosperous, healthy, successful, lucky, rocking, shining, rewarding 2011!!

I've started a new era in my life - going back to University, starting my Postgraduate Studies in the UK ... after completing an amazing gap year that has brought me masses of eye-opening situations and new experiences
**thank you all, for being part of it**

As this year turns to an end (doing a European Studies program and living together with friends from emerging countries), I've thought a lot about what it means to hold the European citizenship - how many hard-working people out there are eagerly trying to get one, risking their lives, getting involved in illegal activities, investing huge amounts of money, taking up immense efforts ... motivated "just" by the prospect of becoming a citizen of the European Union. 
It makes me think and realize even more how lucky I am to be citizen of Austria's welfare state. Being able to complete such an expensive education is definitely a privilege and even more so, when I compare it to all those, belonging to the 82% of the world's population who are not as lucky as me to be born in a "first world country" (as much as I dislike this phrase - sorry for using it).
Most EU-citizens that I know are not even fully aware of the fact that they hold one, much less what it means ... free movement of people, labour, money, goods and services are just a few of the most obvious aspects! 
That war amongst EU-member countries has become unthinkable, is another great achievement! Have we ever really imagined what it might mean to grow up and live in a place where peace, justice and fair treatment of humanity is just not here...

Let us be a bit more grateful for what we have got!!

Happy New Year 2011 from London ;-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

X-MAS 2010 in LONDON

Hello everybody,

I hope you're all doing well and are not stuck somewhere in airports or trainstations!!!

Well, my plans to spend Christmas with my family and party for New Year in Austria have changed on Sunday, December 19...the day I was supposed to fly from London Heathrow to Vienna International Aiport. So far so good. 
But: most of you might have heard/experienced the chaos that severe weather conditions in many parts of Europe have caused: Heathrow (amongst the most important travel hubs in the world!!) and Gatwick Airports shut down for a few days, Eurostar trains were suspended for a couple of days and many motorways in England were not passable, similarly - public transport in Great Britain experienced severe delays and complete failures respectively. 
When I tried to get to Heathrow on Sunday, I was told I can take the Tube since the ExpressTrain wasn't working. Alright - half way there it was announced "This service will stop here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused." 
Okidoki ... back in Paddington Station, the Heathrow Express has reopened - although the Airport is allegedly closed *What the F...*
I called Austrian Airlines - in Vienna and in London, I called Heathrow Airport ... the same story everywhere ... answering machine told me that all the lines are busy at the moment. "Someone will be with you shortly" *aaargh*
The ones taking it easy was my family ... thank you so much for being with me on the phone ;-))
...and, it was good to curse in Styrian-Austrian ;-))

So, this is how it came that I will spend Christmas 2010 in London and dance into 2011 in this amazing metropole!

Thinking about it, I guess I am a lot better off than all those people who are stuck in the airport for days. After all, I can stay with my friend in the heart of London - Covent Garden and enjoy the X-Mas season in this amazing city. I am cooking hot mulled wine (yesss, our famous Austrian Glühwein), and baking some sweets (aka Blätterteigtascherl and the like!), enjoying the snow, free museums and beautiful walks along the Thames River. 

In January I will go back to Bath to complete my two last essays for this semester... Funky Backpacker's here I come again ;)

So, let's try my luck to go back to my home country in one month then!! ... January 17, 2011 it is :-)

Merry Christmas from the newest Londoner :-))

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Feeling in England

 WeihnachtsShopping in der Oxford Street, London

Es ist soweit - das erste Semester meines Masterstudiums ist quasi vorüber - ich muss im Jänner noch 2 Essays schreiben, wozu ich allerdings in Österreich sein werde!
Drei Monate voller "Food for Thought" also praktisch "Denkanstöße", interessanter Vorlesungen und Seminare, Oropax als essentielles Accessoir, Spaß und Action, Nächte in der Bibliothek, Cider-Getränk mit chips&cheese, Schlangestehen, Gelächter und nächtliche Showeinlagen im "Caesar Salad" (so heißt mein Zimmer, dass ich mir mit 7! andern teile die aus allen Winkeln dieser Erde kommen und meine Alltag immens bereichern), gratis Panninis im Funky Backpacker's, wöchentlicher London-Trips und vieles mehr ...
...gehen zu Ende!
Ich bin nach wie vor total begeistert von meinem Studium und froh, diese Entscheidung getroffen zu haben. Ich konnte wahnsinnig viel dazulernen und das nicht nur bezüglich meines Studienfachs.

Tja, ich mach mich jetzt also mal ans Glühwein kochen - und packen, morgen gehts los nach LONDON und am Sonntag lande ich wieder in WIEN :-) 
Yousif+Family und Alle Neune - ich freu mich schon auf euch!! 
Horatiu, Bianca, Fruzsi see you all very soon ;)

Es war wunderbar - Bath und die vielen netten Leute, die ich hier kennen gelernt habe werd ich vermissen. Aber, auf geht's zu neuen Abenteuern - und davon warten schon genug :-)) 

Im FrühlingsSemester werde ich in Berlin an der Humboldt Uni sowie der Freien Universität Berlin studieren!
Vorerst mal:
Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch in ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2011!