Sunday, July 4, 2010

FALLING IN LOVE with Vienna :-)

These pics will give you just a little overview of this georgeous city in the
 I look forward to welcome you all here in the world's "best quality of living" city :-)

Let's start with the modern part ...

Vienna's Millenium Tower
~one can see the skyline below ... DanubeTower and UNO-City~

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Danube tower - with 252 metres Austria's tallest building!!

You can even do bungee jumping from top of the tower ;-)

View to UNO-City!!!
Vienna is the city where UNIDO the United Nations Industrial Development Agency, IAEA the International Atomic Energy Agency and 23! other International Organizations such as OPEC (Organization of Petrolium Exporting Countries) and OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) have their headquarters and/or seats respectively!!!

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Now let's see the classy Vienna...

Japanese Garden in the fine district of Döbling

Gerald invited me to see Suzanne Vega's concert @ the georgeous concert hall
*muito obrigada, Geri*

Mum is visiting me in Vienna for a weekend...
Empress Maria Theresia ...
...between the two museums of : natural history and arts history!!

Austria's parliament - Pallas Athene in front of the beautiful building!

 Michaeler Church, Secession and Hofburg ... where our president works!!!

Vienna's City Hall
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Famous Stephan's Cathedral 

the big wheel in Vienna's PRATER:-)))

...the world's tallest carrousel

Vienna from ABOVE the Stephan's Cathedral ;-)

Karl's Church ... another real beautiful one!

Beautiful buildings also in the 2nd district ... the one where I live :-))

...inside the georgeous flower garden of Belvedere Castle!!

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BurgTheater ... one of the most important theatres in Europe!

~the green, natural Vienna~

 Hundertwasser - Art ... this famous Austrian artist and architect established some very creative buildings!!

My dad & I ... eating delicious ice cream coup ;-)

My dad, eating a traditional&typical Pferdeleberkäse @ the Wiener Wurstlprater ;-) 
...a type of meat loaf from horse meat, popular in Austria

 Little cobble-stone streets through the quiete districts of Nussdorf & Grinzing ... sit down, relax, have a glass of wine and enjoy traditional home-made delicacies ;-)

watching the Soccer World Championship in South Africa live
~Public Viewing Area @ the beach bar along the Danube Canal~

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~wonderful sunsets~
also in Austria's capital

My mum and my dad went to Vienna to visit me here and we had an awesome weekend, discovering the city! Next week my brother Wolfi will come and for sure we'll check out some new exciting places;-)))

*thank you for sharing such a good time together*

While I am living here in our capital, some friends whom I got to know while I was living in the US came to visit me here but I also met Austrian old friends and former class mates,and it was just great to see them again, catch up a lil', talk about former times and future plans ;-)))

I hope you all enjoy looking at these pics and ... as stated above:
I look forward to welcome u here in my georgeous country one day!!!

Europa's Klischees aus der Sicht der Franzosen...

...bloss so ;-)


New Pics frm Taiwan ... finally here!! awesome weekend in central Taiwan!!!